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Eric’s love of NJ cycling began as a toddler when his grandpa would take him on rides around Union county on the back of his Schwinn. A few years later, Eric’s dad taught him how to ride a “2 wheeler” and a life-long passion stuck. He rode his bike to school and relative’s houses exploring the hills of northern NJ, the rivers and canal paths of central Jersey, and of course, the shore. Eric added mountain biking in his teens and road racing as an adult.

Whether it’s bike packing the continental divide or sprinting for town line signs on club rides in Italy, Eric will ride try to ride anything anywhere. Over the last decade, his focus has shifted from personal achievement to giving back and “getting more kids on bikes.” Outside of his responsibilities to the Board, he is the founder and president of, as well as the emeritus head coach of the West Morris Chainbreakers and Somerset Hills VeloRaptors, two of the leagues founding teams.

Head Coach and Co-founder

eric vollmuth

Coach Erin first began riding in order to get to school in Boulder, Colorado where she grew up, but her love of bike racing was really launched when she got recruited by a friend in her college dorm to join the mountain bike team. Earning quick success and enjoying the camaraderie of the team, she eventually raced collegiate mountain bikes, road bikes, and did track (velodrome) racing, winning the Western Collegiate Conference Mountain Bike Championships and finishing on the podium at the US National Collegiate Track Championships. She subsequently earned her Pro mountain bike license and eventually found her favorite cycling discipline in cyclocross, riding with the San Francisco-based Velo Bella squad and traveling on the US national cup circuit for several seasons, embracing the mud, snow, heat, and dust from the east coast to the west coast. 


Erin is now a USA Cycling Level 3 coach and resides in New Jersey with her husband, a former pro road racer, and two daughters, including NJCX Project team member, Marcela Falquier. Erin's favorite parts of coaching are helping athletes advance their technical skills, helping them discover the thrill of the unknown in competition, and creating a life-long appreciation for bikes as a tool to explore the wild outdoors. When Erin is not riding, she works at the intersection of technology and public policy in the clean energy space, helping to accelerate the market for renewable energy and clean electric cars and trucks.



erin falquier

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