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Who We Are

Boys and girls ages 9-18

Our team consists of junior women and boys racers who's ages range from 9 years old up to 18. We support the racers from their first race through becoming either a Cat 3 racer or U23 racer. Our team and staff supports each other at at all practices and cheer each other on at every race. Cycling may be an individual sport but we believe that the team empowers the athlete to achieve goals and exceed personal expectations.
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Our Philosophy

Founder / Head Coach B.J. (Bo) Kisch

Our head coach's philosophy is work hard and play just as hard. Cyclocross is a skills specific discipline where valuable seconds can be gained both on and off the bike. He also believes in the strength of team. A cohesive team that supports every racer is going to share in everyone's success, not just the achievements of one individual. Throughout the entire season Bo coaches, develops training plans, discusses race tactics for each race, and finds time to step to the line and walk the talk. For over 15 years Bo has been racing bicycles on the road, in the trails, and on the CX track. He brings these years of knowledge to the team and instills a sense of pride and professionalism.

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